Forestry Mulching Near Me Costs

D&K provides affordable forestry mulching services for land clearing East of the Mississippi River. Forestry mulching has become an increasingly popular method for land clearing due to its efficiency and eco-friendly approach. If you own property in the eastern United States and are in need of land clearing services, you might be wondering about the […]

Experience the Revolutionary Power of Forestry Mulching with D&K

Are you in need of land clearing services? Look no further than D&K, your trusted partner for forestry mulching. With our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals, we provide efficient and eco-friendly land clearing solutions. Say goodbye to outdated scrape and burn techniques, and join the mulching revolution for a sustainable future. But why choose mulching […]

Pasture Reclamation Pennsylvania – Restoring Health and Productivity to Soil

We just completed phase two of this job at a neglected farm in central Wayne County, Pennsylvania. The first phase was to clear cut, stump and and forestry mulch a little over two acres that was previously used as pasture from the 1800’s through 1965. Since then, invasive species took root and well-intentioned caretakers planted […]

On-site Ingenuity and Problem Solving – the small stuff matters.

We repurposed some of the logs on-site to build a trail bridge across a water way so both sides are easily accessible! See more photos of the forestry mulching and trail clean up after a logging operation right here in Clifford Township, Pennsylvania on our Facebook page. If you need a forestry service East of […]

Increase Wildlife and Improve Soil with Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is a technique that involves grinding trees, shrubs, and other vegetation into small particles using a specialized machine. This technique is gaining popularity among forest managers and landowners due to its many benefits. Forestry mulching has been shown to improve forest health, increase animal populations, and promote soil maturation by opening up the […]